Definition of a True Turn-Key investment

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He I’m curious to know what you guys can give me on what’s the definition of a “Turn-key investment in Realestate in particular buying and selling a home. What would a deal be package like to would be considered turn key? What would it offer? What type of turns are best suited for such a deal? I’m sure the teens would depend on the deal bout should favorable turns be given if the financing is done by one partner more than another’s?

there is no real definition as its a made up term.

but generally speaking it means your

1. buying a home from a company that acquired it and did a full rehab.

2. then the same company many times owns the management company and manages it for you

so the important points are making sure your buying in an  area that is of decent quality tenant and neighborhood wise

that the home has in fact been totally rehabbed..  

and that management knows the product and the tenant base well.

keep in mind you can buy perfectly good homes from owner occs.. the homes that need full rehab need them for a reason.

many homes on MLS can be well cared for and in great shape.. so there is that option as well.

A turnkey investment is and should be done with an experienced team of professionals that specialize in providing rental property to out of state investors, or to investors that want to grow a portfolio, but just don't necessarily have the time available to 1) dedicate to researching a great rental market at an in-depth level, 2) establish in-market connections to learn about tax incentives/stabilizing markets/good or bad areas/etc, 3) do not want to be active with the management of the property. 

Additionally, turnkey providers should take a professional approach and not offer rental property unless they are meticulously chosen, professionally inspected, renovated, cleaned, and a tenant placed. Additionally, some providers offer property management services. In my opinion, that's the only true turnkey experience. It's an added service, not their primary source of income, and also helps hold them accountable for what they offered. Just make sure the company 1) responds quickly, 2) knows their property management policies in and out, and 3) have current clients willing to speak of their experience on their behalf. Also, make sure they have a solid and standardized renovation approach to mitigate your maintenance costs as much as they can.

Also, should have passion and a philosophy dedicating their careers to providing clients high quality inventory and service with a focus on creating profitable real estate investments that provide secure and steady returns for investors. They shouldn't have a deal-by-deal mentality to try and squeeze for every dollar of profit. I hope this helps @Clayton Howard