I need help picking a mentor

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I have been working with an agent at a brokerage and he has been mentoring me for about a year now. He is a good life coach and a great personal relationship person but I feel he lacks as far a sales experience and how to sell houses at a high level. I don't have my license but I will get one soon and I am going into this field wanting a good mentor. I recently met an agent from another brokerage who has had me host open houses for him occasionally. He is very successful and has trained hundreds of agents to be good salespeople. I feel that he would be a great real estate sales trainer and I would learn a lot. But the catch is and I just learned that a lot of people don't have a good opinion of him. I don't want any drama but I understand that I need to associate myself with good people, but I also need sales training. What should I do I am stuck. Do I choose one or keep working with both? Do I work under one and get mentor ship from another? How can I make everybody win because they both want me to work for them?

You have more than 2 people to choose from. 

No one gets a perfect mentor and learns everything from them forever. You'll outgrow mentors, you'll get bad mentors, even great mentors are wrong about lots of things. 

don't put all your eggs in one basket, and don't shift your responsibility to learn to someone else. 

You should learn from everyone you can, and you should constantly be finding new people. 

Lastly, If people are fighting for you to work for them and you have little to no experience, then they are fighting to profit off of you.