New to real estate investment.

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Hello all at BP. I was widowed earlier this you and had my whole life turned upside down in and instant now that I'm a single father I want nothing more than to get out of the rat race of my 9-5 in order to have more time with my daughter in these younger years (she's 9). I've been in real estate for a long time now but never had the courage to jump in. I found bigger pockets about 6 months ago and have been binge listening to the podcast since. I have access to about $30,000 but don't have the best personal credit. I'm in the Chattanooga T.N. area and was wondering if and how I can get started with this amount of capital. Any advice or insight is welcome and thank you in advance.

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I'm interested in real estate no in real estate I have no experience

Yes, you can certainly get started with $30K Curtis. I would recommend that you determine what strategy you want to pursue and learn as much as you can about it. You mentioned you've been in real estate for a long time. In what capacity was that? 

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Hey Curtis. There are a few groups in town that you should know about and check out when they meet. It's a good way to make connections and find people to partner with you on deals. 

There's the REIA meetings on the first Thursday of each month (this is a paid meeting)

Yes you can start with $30,000. Have you thought about house hacking? the BRRRR strategy can work for you as well as long as you have confirmed with a bank that you will be able to get a mortgage.