Making an offer and Using Contracts

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I am ready to make an offer, and my attorney has a contract for me to sign. I've heard that I need to give myself about 30 days to do my due diligence. Where in the contract do I tell the seller "I need 30 days to get inspections done and Contractors in to make sure their numbers match mine."? 

Or do I just fill out my agents contract, with the contingency of closing in 30 days? 

And if I can't find a contractor who can do the job within the price I need, how do I get out of that contract?

@Montez Greer , Generally, the contract calls for a 10-14 day inspection period for you to do your due diligence. However, you can ask for more, if they agree great. Most sellers don’t want to take their property off the market for 30 days with the possibility of you pulling out.