ROI for Education & Mentorship

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@Craig Simak  I joined the Renatus community and it wasn't overly expensive. It got me around like-minded people and our community has a private facebook group and events to bounce ideas off of each other. We discuss numbers, recommend various contractors, and generally push each other to do better. The classes are also very informative and provide good starting points for different aspects of the industry. I've found it to be money well spent so far. I've also found that the quality of the Renatus communities vary by location, so do your research and see if it's the right fit for you. 

You can also do some googling and find local real estate groups. The fees typically vary by the group but there are usually non-member fees to attend meetings or a free first meeting. When evaluating the various groups, I tend to see how many people are involved and the quality of the information they provide. One local group I joined has biweekly meeting on tons of topics I find interesting and want to learn more about. 

Ask good questions, network, and do some digging to see what works best for you! Good luck!