Dallas-Fort Worth Area Beginning Investor

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I am 22 and recently started working in Retail Commercial Real Estate in Dallas. I would like to develop a greater understanding of how to invest in Single Family & Multi Family with the goal being to flip houses and own rental properties in the future. I am passionate about Commercial real estate and plan to continue working in commercial but am also interested in the residential side of real estate from an investing standpoint. I’d like to connect with others in the industry that are willing to impart their wisdom and experiences on me and share how they have found success in investing while also working full time.

Welcome Max!! This is a great place to learn and connect with people who are actually doing what it is you're looking to do. 

Just go through the forums and definitely read the BP books which help jump start your journey. 

Best of luck!

Definitely listen to the BP podcast. You have access to hundreds of hours of successful investors discussing the details of what they do. You can learn from their successes, but also their mistakes.

You mentioned flipping, rentals, and commercial. While these are all great, they are also very different. You should consider focusing heavily on one of these to start. The better you know what you want, the more likely you are to take action.