Success Stories in Rental Properties

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I'm new to Bigger Pockets and am interested in investing in rental properties in order to gain multiple streams of income.  I'm a busy mom of 2 with a full-time job and need to free myself from my 9-5 in order to spend more time with my kids.  I've gain so much information from this site but am starting to feel a little overwhelmed!  It's a lot of information. I see people on here with massive rental portfolios and wonder how did they start.  I'm planning to listen to the webinar this evening but was hoping that people would be willing to share their success stories!  I need a little inspiration!  Thanks in advance. 

For 3-4 years I have told so many people that I was reading the books, listening to the podcasts.  I was just educating myself.  And how I really wanted to start.  Tons of fears came up.  Like how do I know if something is a good deal? How do I make an offer on a property? How would I even get a property it takes so much money?

The only way to really learn alot of this stuff is by actually doing it.  I am going to change my YouTube channel to talk about this.  How to go from no properties to your first property.  I have my first property under contract right now, and it might not go through but I am not stopping to place offers because I need to get my first one done.

@Janell Saunders Well you can already pat yourself on the back because just being here and listening to webinars is the first set so that's awesome! I started investing out f the blue 3 years ago after reading a Forbes article about rental property investing and so I started ordering every book I could find off amazon and barnes & nobles and started to get feel for what I could do . 3 years later I have 7 single family rentals, a 5 unit mixed use commercial building and about to start my first BRRRR on a 4 unit multifamily. I had all the voices in my head saying you aren't ready, you don't know enough, it won't work but I powered through those feelings of self doubt and I just did it, one at a time.. take your time and learn along the way. You won't be able to know everything you just have to be as educated as you can with the time you have and just go for it! I learn everyday, I have 2 books I am yet to read that I ordered last week and I still get moments of " can I do this?" What you don't know you can figure out :) Keep us posted with your progress!!