Looking for input about Temple, TX

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Hi all!

I am brand new to REI and looking to find my first BRRRR deal. I live in Austin, TX, where good deals are really difficult to find, and when one comes along the competition is fierce! ;) So, I've been thinking about looking in Temple, TX and I wanted to see if anyone in BP has any suggestions about which areas (if any) are good for investing there. Also, are there any brokers and contractor recommendations in the area? I appreciate any help anyone can provide.

Thanks @Justin Robert !

Any recommendations of neighborhoods I should avoid? I've been told the east side is not so good. And some time back I heard about the area west of I35 around Valley Forge Ave. having higher crime. Anyone can attest to this?

Also, I know that Baylor Scott & White is a big employer in the area. Are there any others?

@Gabriela Zhang  

Hi! I just started investing in Temple 6 months ago and have now picked up 2 total properties near the Baylor Scott and White hospital. I'm from Austin as well and have looked at San Marcos and College Station before deciding to land in Temple. 

The area is full of houses from the 1950s but you can pick one up with solid bones, put $10k-$15k of rehab into it, and rent it out for some solid cash flow. Additionally, my realtor has been seeing 7% yearly appreciation gains in that area so you're looking at cash flow AND appreciation if that 7% holds up.

I'm on 43rd st and 51st st, a couple blocks West from the Hopsital. 

Good luck!

@Shaun Kelly

Hey Shaun! Jumping on this thread a little late, but I'm curious how your properties have been holding up since your last post? I recently came across Temple and ran the numbers on a 4be/2ba SFH built in 2000 that seems to be in move in condition, and the cash flow seems pretty solid. I live in Los Angeles and am looking for a buy-and-hold, seems like an upcoming market not too far from Austin either.

Has vacancy been more of an issue in any of your rentals here given the military / medical presence here? Wondering if that's something to be worried about. Also, how have you projected future cash flows on any of your TX properties with such high property tax rates that increase every year? Another worry of mine.