Home path homes and owner occupancy?

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The flipping market is saturated in my area as it is all over the country. I've decided to shift gears to the BRRRR method. Is this possible with home path homes? How strict are the owner occupancy rules? Can someone please break down the ins and the outs because these properties rarely make it to the 20 day mark in my local market.

@William Schmidt while I am sure that there are "cheaters" out there who say they will occupy the home but don't, I wouldn't risk it. Play by the rules. You also don't want to borrow money under the pretense that it is a personal residence - that would be mortgage fraud. Generally you are expected to own (and eventually occupy after rehab) a property for 6-12 months. Not all HomePath repos are FirstLook properties. Sometimes they are awful enough that they open them up to everyone right away. And my experience has been that FreddieMac properties don't have the restrictions that HUD and FannieMae do...