Moving to North Georgia

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Hey everyone,

I have just accepted a job offer that will require me to relocate to North Georgia near Lake Lanier.  I have a place to stay for the short term, but I will need to look for places to live/house hack soon after I get up there.  I have been looking into local markets, and it seems that Gainesville, GA is a decent market.  I would love for any advice from anyone who invests in the area about the market and what to look for.  I may have to rent for a while to get a better feel for the area, but my goal is to house hack a residential property and rent out the other rooms or units.  Is anyone using this strategy in that market?  Is there anything I should look out for?  Does anyone know of any good agents who work with investors?  I am sure I will have many more questions, but I am just trying to figure out the area a little more.  I appreciate any and all advice/information!

@Robert Kirkley just sold a house in Gainesville, Ga in May of this year and have another buy and hold under contract.

If you do long term rentals you should be good. There is a UNG campus in Gainesville, so college students might be something good for house hacking strategy.

Hall county has just placed restrictions on short term rentals. So cumming side of the lake might be better if doing short term rentals.

Best of luck! I have lived in Gainesville area for over 25 years.


@Jane Blake Thanks so much for your input!  That is great knowing that the market is good for rentals.  That is exactly what I am looking for!  I will be looking into the house hacking strategy near that campus as well like you had mentioned.  I am not looking to do short term rentals as of now, but I will keep that option in mind if I decide to go that route later on.  

Again, thank you so much!