Hello fellow investors and aspiring Real Estate Moguls, I would like you to join me for a live event that I will be hosting in January 2020. Please reach out with questions. 

Day 1: Real Estate Investing Course for Beginners, Dreamers, and Aspiring Moguls
Day 1 will cover a multitude of aspects of real estate investing so that you can get acquainted and a feel for the virtually endless possibilities. This course is perfect for those that have been interested in real estate investing but haven't dived in yet, don't know where to start, and would like guidance from the real-life experiences of an expert. This training will kick-start your journey and show you real-world case studies to help you make informed decisions, and determine which form of investing is the right fit for you.
Day 1 Real Estate Investing Topics Covered:
✅Rental Properties✅Flipping Properties (for a short-term financial gain)✅Short Term/ Vacation Rentals (Air BnB)✅Wholesaling✅Small Multifamily Properties (10 units and under)✅House Hacking/ Co-Living
Day 2: How to Build a Rental Portfolio to Replace Your W-2 Job
Day 2 is for those that want to eventually leave their corporate job and use real estate as the vehicle to replace their job income. I will teach you step-by-step how I built my real estate portfolio while working a 9 to 5 job. Learn all of the strategies and tactics I used to build out a rental portfolio that generates me over $10,000 a month in cash flow.

Day 2 Topics Covered:
✅How to leverage your W-2 income to help build up a rockstar real estate portfolio.✅Financing Strategies✅How to work with banks and lenders✅The power of cash-out refi's✅The BRRRR method ( Buy, Rehab, Refinance, Rent, Repeat)✅Portfolio Loans✅Why having a steady income from your W-2 paycheck is a huge advantage!