Cross country mortgage

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Hello everyone. I have been in the talks with a couple of real estate agents. I just meet this new one and she has A TON of experience. 25+ years. She recommend me a lender called "cross country mortgage" ever heard of it? I'm a first time home buyer looking for either a duplex to house hack or a rehab property for brrrr strategy. Does anybody have any great lenders that will lend on a brrrr property? I understand FHA for the house hack. I'm just curious has anybody heard of the lender I mentioned or have a better lender besides the bank?

Hi Gavin, I am also an agent, but from the Phoenix area, and I am actually in the middle of refinancing my home with Cross Country. I have been so happy with their service and their principles and values. That being said, they have a bit of a Franchised structure. For example, I went with Cross Country Mortgage, the Lizzy Hoefer Team. Find a way to get ahold of your local team at Cross Country, and ask them simple questions, such as why their team joined cross country, etc.