First Investment Property

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My wife and I are interested in purchasing an investment property in South Carolina. Our primary home is in Boston, purchased it three years ago and have approx. $80K in equity. We will put approx 20-30% down on the second home. What’s the best strategy or road map to finance our second home/investment property? We may rent it, however, can afford it without renting it. Thoughts?

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@Jim Pellerin we honestly want a place to stay and unwind as well as have some rental income potential. Just getting our feet wet here.

So maybe buy it and put it into Airbnb. Use it when you want and rent it when you want.

My daughter and son in law just purchased a couple of condos here in the Myrtle Beach area and will be doing exactly that (They live in Phoenix). They will use them for vacation rentals and for their own enjoyment as well. They have a local person to clean them and use Evolve to manage the reservations.

If you would like some help finding a property I can help, I'm a Realtor in Myrtle Beach.