What Masterminds do you recommend?

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What masterminds are ya'll involved in? Have you found more value in real estate focused masterminds or general ones?

I've heard great things about them but have no experience. I'm open to both virtual ones or any local to Atlanta. I appreciate any thoughts!

@Chris Virgil-Stone

Hey Chris!  I had to respond to this one because Mastermind groups saved my investing career.  No Joke!  I had my first property, a duplex, and I joined a real estate group that I found on this site.  When I joined I was very very intimidated because I had the least amount of experience.  But that is the beauty of these types of groups.  I was loosing hundreds if not thousands of dollars monthly when I joined.  My tenants were taking advantage of me.  I was stressed and hating Real Estate!

The group helped me get control of my first investment.  I was in that group for about 3 years and in that time I bought 4 more properties and made good money on all of them. I now live in my dream town and all this was kicked off by joining a mastermind group.

I am now part of a general one.  We talk about 5 things that we must work on a month (real estate, relationships, self improvements...)

Join one or start one! You won't be disappointed.

@Chris Virgil-Stone

It was nothing special about it.  I was just cruising the forums and saw a group was forming in my area.  We opened it up to 6 people and we even had to Google how the group should worked.  There is not much to tell.  It took a few weeks for us to get a hold of how we wanted the group to work.  We ended with each person could talk for about 10 minutes about any problems we were having then the group would 100% focus on that problem and come up with solutions.  Then we ended with on main goal you had to accomplish before the next meeting.  If you did not accomplish it you had to donate some money to a charity of your choice. And then the hardest part was going back to the group and explaining why you did not accomplish your goal.