Looking for a CPA in the Capital District NY

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Hi, Im new to investing and have some money to get started with in the form of stocks from a company buyout. I know there will be a tax penalty for taking the money out but I am already invested in the stock market and am looking to diversify.  I am looking for a cpa in the Albany NY area that can help.  Any advice would help. Thanks

If you're open to working remotely there are lots of excellent REI specialized tax pros here on BP.

I would look in the tax/legal forums and read some posts and see who you think you'd work well with and set up a few consultations. 

@Kevin Moore

Congratulations on the company buyout. I am sure you are very excited.

NY does have very complex tax laws. You may want to consider working with a professional who understands NY taxes.
Are you open to working with an accountant outside of Albany? You open up your options if you do so.

You mention wanting to diversify outside of the stock market. Are you looking to get into real estate?

Call Sarah Dorsey at Knapek, Gabrielle, and Bottini in Latham.  They've handled my needs with real estate and property mgt for years and are excellent.