What are we missing? Condo investment in Florida

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We ran lots of scenarios on the numbers for a 2/2 second floor condo unit in Seminole County FL (north of Orlando). It is our first offer and we have done research to get to this point but "we don't know what we don't know".

I have looked at the 86 page HOA docs and I'm not sure what I should be looking for... Also how do I find out reserves and when the last time it was raised? The unit and a/c, roof, exterior, windows, and appliances are all good. It comes with a covered parking spot and storage unit.

What would you say are some basics in the condo investing?


Before we could get our hands on meeting minutes get got info right away that the sellers had said put the special assessment in the terms, and that turned us off from it. They also turned down a full ask because "that buyer was not willing to pay special assessment." Eventually the house on the market will eat up the cost of anyone paying the 2k+ special assessment. We moved on.