St. Louis Market looking to network

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I am new to the St. Louis, MO market and I am looking to connect with others in STL or other markets. I just bought my first duplex and I am looking to buy a four plex in the next few months. I am an out of state investor located in San Diego, CA. I have one family member out in STL but I can't rely solely upon him as he is a contractor with a full plate. It's difficult to move at the pace I want to especially when I do not have boots on the ground out there. Maybe some of you have had the same problem being an out of state investor. Looking to network with anyone even if were not in the same market. Hope this reaches everyone well and safe.

We recently invested in East St Louis, IL area. We had been calling real estate agents in the area but didn't find any that were helpful. I stumbled on a contractor out there who has been super helpful and we plan to keep him very busy. I can only recommend calling a bunch of people - real estate agents. property managers, contractors, etc. to find one that fits - and don't forget to always ask if they can recommend someone else. They might know some young guy with a fresh contractors license who is looking to hustle for you.