Qualifications to recieve a mortgage loan

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I am 20 years old, still in college, but I am beginning to look into purchasing a duplex, living in one part and renting the other. It seems like the most logical place to start my real estate investing, given the ability to apply for an FHA loan due to my circumstances. I have been an authorized user on my parents credit card for about 4 years to begin building my credit and I just received my first independent credit card. I know my job now is to continue to build my credit and to continue working. I had an internship that is now a part time job that I will have had all summer and will have through the school year. I have read places that to apply for the FHA loan, most banks require you to have 2 or even 3 lines of credit and most people online recommend getting and paying off two or more credit cards for a few months before looking for a loan.

Would my authorized user card be considered a second card or should I consider a third credit card separate from that? It seems a bit much to simply continue to build credit but I am new to this so I could be wrong!

The most vital thing for you to be approved for an FHA loan is going to be your DTI (debt to income ratio) not necessarily your credit, as FHA is designed for people without the best credit. You'll need steady and reliable income- not necessarily a ton of income, but it needs to be steady and reliable. I'd try to find a job that give you regular hours and is in a field that you have some experience or training/education.

If you can do that, it shouldn't be terribly difficult to get yourself an FHA loan. Good luck!