BRRR in Wilmington DE

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Hello, I am new to RE investment. I live in Maryland and I am interested in Wilmington area. Any advise about that area or any other prominent area for RE investing?

Also I am planning to be in Wilmington DE this weekend and I would be happy to connect with any RE agent/investors in the area.

@Joane Guiadem   Welcome to BP!!!  I live in DE and am familiar with Wilmington.  There are good pockets to invest in and not so good ... that's with any city.  The path of progress is running through West Center City (Adams Street down to Market Street and close to the Riverfront are good areas to invest.  Depending on your budget Trolley Square is a nice area, but it can get expensive.  Cool Springs / Tilton Park (West Side) is an area I was looking to invest in (still would if I found a deal).  I was interested in a triplex there, but upon doing my due diligence, I found out that the civic association wasn't approving any more variances due to the area being oversaturated. 

I'm not available to connect this weekend, but am happy to answer any questions you may have.  I look forward to hearing about your journey! 

Take care ... Cassandra :)

@Cassandra Sifford Many thanks for your recommendations Cassandra. I was able to visit those areas in Wilmington and they are definitely the best!

Do you have recommendations of good investors friendly RE agents in Wilmington,DE?