Tips for finding Property Managers

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Hey BP Community,

So I asked this question in another forum, but figured we could all learn so here goes nothing.

As we all know, Property Managers are an integral part of building a solid team. My question is coming from the perspective of a newer investor. As we do not yet have much business to offer, what advice would you give with regards to reaching out and making contact with someone? How can a newer investor be of value to them when they can't yet add value to the company? Any insight on what has worked well (or not so well) for you in the past is more than welcome. I feel this is something we try to go at alone because we have yet to navigate these waters. I appreciate the feedback in advance!

Stay driven everyone 😊

Hi @Terrell Doyle , the way you're adding value to a PM is your new rental. They receive compensation, so they'll look forward to working with you. In regards to finding a PM, get referrals for your area, recommendations, interview at least 5, make sure they are a PM first company, read books like Brandon Turner's managing rental properties for tips on questions to ask and due diligence on PM's.

Hey @Joseph Firmin

Thanks for the reply! I’m going to pick up a copy from the bookstore immediately thanks for that referral. I will be sure to have a list of questions covering important details, and I’ll make sure to do my due diligence. I appreciate the insight, and stay blessed!