Buying new construction within Cedar park, Austin

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Hi newbie here.

I am thinking of buying newly build home as investment property within Austin , Cedar park and Round Rock area

Property is 4/2 bath around 2000 sqft. costs around early 300k. Primary goal for this property is to appreciate and rent for next 15 years.

Any recommendations or suggestions. This will my first oos and first investment property

Thanks 😊

Absolutely.  The only problem you will have is most builders are not selling to investors.  There are a few but I don't know any in Cedar Park.  I do know some available in Round Rock and one a little more expensive in Leander.  

Hi Krishma,

I am also from San Jose, just moved here recently and Seattle in Round Rock, I also looking to invest just like you and I learned most of theses information after viewed most builders around the area and viewed 20s resale houses. Cash flow isn't much for any house above 250k but no doubt appreciation will be good after 15 years especially many big tech are moving their HQ here.

One thing you should watch out for is property tax (asset value get reset every year) most new build in these area are higher than those houses in an older community because of one thing call MUD in TX which provide water, sewer and drainage, plus most house in the suburbs area of Austin are build in a HUD which all has HOA fees range from $20-$100 / mo. Rent average is $1/sf but but that doesn't mean bigger house can rent for higher.