Short-Term Rentals Any new Short -Term Rentals are not permitted

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I have a question.

Just checked that any new Short -Term Rentals are not permitted in any residential zone in Lehman Township. I bought a house in Bushkill PA year ago , in that time I checked the laws of Township and Pocono Ranchlans community and both of them said to me that I can put my property on short time rentals.

Can you let me know please if Township are planning to give a short time rental permit in future? Thank you.

As per the Lehman Township website, they will hold a town hearing to review the STR situation. I have a property that was acquired for STR purposes. However, due to the pandemic, renovations were put on hold. I acquired it in Dec 2019 when STR was permitted, now I am stuck because we are relatively ready to start renting, but the township is not approving any new permits. I am pretty sure there are others in the same boat.

Does anyone have any inside information on what the future might be for STR in Bushkill, PA? I am frustrated because my partner and I put in a lot of sweat and time into this project, not to mention the $$ invested, and I will have to sell the property.

This happened to us as well. We bought right before this ordinance passed. They told us that they won’t be issuing any more permits and that it’s a permanent ban. 

Old permits are grandfathered in and transfer ownership with sale. 

I mentioned to Stan that that is very unfair since we pay the same taxes and he lashed out with, “you know what’s unfair? For neighbors to have to listen to the parties and the noise.”

New York and NJ initially banned str’s but since overturned them. Hopefully these small town governments will realize the benefits of str’s to the local community and real estate market.

Is anybody forming a coalition in Lehman Township to fight this? If so, count me in.