Vacation condo rentals

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I stayed at a resort where all of the units were privately owned, but they were managed by the resort. I imagine this included reservations, payments and cleaning. Is this the case? What would be the fee of something like this? Is this a certain type of ownership/rental?

I don't know where you stayed but I can tell you this much.  Im very familiar with a popular resort in San Diego County.  All units are privately owned but the resort manages the grounds and checkins for guests.  However, cleaning and payments are NOT managed by the resort.  The biggest downside is the condo fees are $550 a month.  Typically the owners charge the vacationers the cleaning fee and it seems like no matter how long a guest stays the fee $150 to $200. 

I know some owners who cash flow about $10,000 a year depending on when the bought their unit and how hard they work at getting guests in.  I dont want to buy a unit because you are not buying property or land, its just 'air rights'... essentially a relatively small apartment that is controlled by other people.

Any what thats what I have seen