Where to get a mentor

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Look up local REA groups and join them and actually show up. Take a look at Facebook or whatever social media you gets used these days and join the groups there. Figure out a way to work for free for them in exchange for knowledge and I'm sure you'll find someone quick.  Do a quick search for people in Arizona on BiggerPockets and send them a private message. Most people are willing to at least tell you how they started and their story. Then you can have some sort of basis to duplicate it. 

Top notch Real Estate agents are everywhere.  The brokers at these high end companies will direct you to them.

The top notch real estate agents then can give your the contractors, loan officers, etc.

Attend those REA groups and listen and absorb all you can.

It takes effort, time, and sometimes just the right break to meet someone that will give you

information that will "make your mental light bulb go off"!

Mean while, save your money, work on your credit rating.  Get two jobs and don't buy a new car or truck!!!