Tips for a first brrrr, working with investors, and distressed pr

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I just bought a house at a tax sales auction for $9,000. 
the most is most likely a tear down. Though if it can be saved it’s a beautiful Victorian style house with amazing details. 
The best part is ...the house is located downtown. Walking distance to everything.
I have verbal agreement (pending good number and research) to have funding to rebuild or remodel. 

I'm hoping to BRRRR and keep the property as I believe this location alone is valuable and will continue to be valuable in the future. But of course will sell it if I have too at any point

Since I’m incredibly new to all this what do you guys recommend to some one starting out working with an investor.
What reports should I be focused on? What experts regarding the house should I be talking too?

What should be my main focus on researching the potential of the house ? 

Any tips help 


Hello Chantal. I'm not sure how to approach this but please let me know how your journey goes. Is this in a historical district? If so, you won't be able to knock it down. I would call your city's zoning board and ask around for recommended developers in the area.