Starting out investing in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Hi everyone! I work as a analyst right now and currently live with my parents. I was looking into house hacking in the near future. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Keenan Kimbrough 

@Keenan Kimbrough,

Awesome news!  Congrats!  
What part of town are you looking at?  If you’ll reside in the property, looking into a 203K Home Rehab loan may help with repairs to an imperfect structure.

The 203K will give you some great great instant equity as well (if the contractor costs are fair).

How many unit property will you be looking to purchase?

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@Keenan Kimbrough best way to get started! I prefer 3-4 units to get the best bang for your buck. Make sure you analyze it both while you are living there and once you move out. It's still possible to buy properties where you can live for free in decent areas despite the hot market. Just have to be a bit more patient nowadays. Looking for properties that might be under rented or need cosmetic work can help you get a better price also. 

@Keenan Kimbrough

Welcome! It's the best way to get started. House hacking is how I started and I'm now at 106 units!

I still live in half a duplex today because it's really the ticket to financial independence imo.

If you have any specific questions about doing it in Pittsburgh don't hesitate to reach out.