Indiana Investors! Lets Connect

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Good Afternoon, my name is Diamond. I'm a new investor who just moved to Indianapolis! I love it here, such a beautiful city. I'm looking forward to connect with other investors/wholesalers/realtors/contractors. I'm also here to offer my help to anyone who needs it! Lets connect :) 

Hello Diamond, 

I would love to connect and see where your goals and visions are in your RE investment journey! Welcome to Indy! 

If you are ever seeking some good local restaurant or businesses to support in the area let me know, Indy will forever have a big part of my heart having been raised here. 

Take care and I look forward to hearing from you. 

I moved to Indy also, but from San Diego - its a great market to get into right now, def made me realize that my money was better spent in the mid-west market. Welcome!

Best of luck to you!


@Peyton Carroll Hi Peyton, I'll love to discuss goals and my vision with you. I would also love to learn of your jounery as a REI. <3 It's so much of food i've eaten so far lol. Going to eat and visiting new places brings me so much joy, and parks so let me know!

Hi Diamond, Welcome to Indy!!  There are some great investor groups here -- CIREA and INREIA are the biggest.  There is an INstateREIA meeting coming up in April that is supposed to have some great sessions.  Indianapolis Out of State Investors is my favorite FB group - there are a lot of locals on there. Also, check out Indy Investor Pod and The CEO Nation for local podcasts that interview the local investors and vendors in the area.