Personal Residence to Rental to Personal

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I have an odd situation. I have found a home I love and want to purchase. The issue is I will be moving in about 2 years for a 3-year assignment. After the assignment, I would love to be in the house. Calculations show there is no way I would make money on the rental if I were to start renting it right after purchasing. Is there a way to calculate if it makes sense for those 3 years?

Hey @Edmund Post , I think I understand your questions.  It sounds like you are going to purchase a property now and move in after 2 years.  You will want to forecast what the rent will be at that time (appreciation too if that matters to you).  To do that, you should find the historic rental rate increases for that area and multiply it out for 2 or 3 years. 

Brad to clarify, Years 0-2 live in the house. Years 3-6 rent house. Years 7+ live in house. 

Also general clarification. The rental calculator shows around break-even if renting now.