Mortgage Brokers ,Mortgage lender recommendations In Chicago area

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@Rafael Nava welcome to house hacking :)

@Joshua Jones is a fantastic lender. I suggest reaching out to him.

If you need a great realtor, you should reach out to @John Warren . Chicago area is huge so certain realtors specialize in certain neighborhoods and towns. John and Josh should be able to direct you in the right direction.

@Rafael Nava welcome to the forums! You will get a lot of great advice on here, and there are frankly lots of great RE professionals you could work with. I think the main thing to figure out is where you want to look. You should make sure your team has experience as investors in the same types of markets you are looking in. I personally also use @Joshua Jones as my lender, and he was instrumental in helping me get my portfolio of rentals off the ground. I am at 62 doors today and am under contract on a 20 unit, but with Josh I would be at zero doors still. 

@Rafael Nava - It's an awesome experience to get started and you're definitely going about it the right way.

You've got some really good resources above if you are on the west side I'd connect with @Eudith Vacio and if you are looking on the nw side try @Sarita Scherpereel , both are awesome realtors and work with a ton of investors.  Lastly, @Michael J Scanlon does a lot of work in the suburbs!

I'd also make sure you connect with @Michael Facchini .  He's a great investor friendly lender and full of tons of knowledge.

Appreciate the shout-out @Jonathan Klemm@Rafael Nava , kudos for taking the first steps towards house-hacking!  Happy to help in any way I can!  I'm an investor and lender, and know this property type and Chicagoland well.  I recommend starting with understanding and breaking down the numbers....what your model/strategy will be, what you can qualify for, and how that all translates to the current marketplace.  Then from there, get out and start the search!  BP is a great community to tap into as you set out on this journey!

@Rafael Nava Hello! Welcome to real estate investing and creating this post. I live in Charlotte and started my SFH REI journey last year. I'm looking for my first Multifamily property and finding it difficult to locate a deal in my area. I have family in Chicago and seriously considering purchasing in the area. Your post generated the network that I'm looking for as well (thanks to you of course!). @John Warren @Joshua Jones I'd like to connect with you whenever you have some free time this month. Thanks in advance!