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Hi everyone

After listening bigger pockets for a while, I am ready to investing out of state now, primarily focus on Florida and Texas, I have 300k available to investing,and I can get about 280k heloc later, I like to purchase 3-4 new constructions around 350k with B+ area, is it Build to Rent model is good ? Or anyone can recommend some good reputation companies?

Thank you

@Qiang Chen Great question!

Both Florida and Texas have a steadily growing population and will have to continue to build new construction to meet demand. I personally prefer Florida just outside of metros. Areas where land is still cheap and growth is obvious. The term we use is "path of prosperity". In Florida, these areas tend to be coastal cities that feel special. We only recommend properties that do not require flood insurance. Unless you are on the water, your tenant won't pay more because you have higher insurance costs.

We have current inventory in Port Charlotte, Cape Coral, Jacksonville, Punta Gorda,  Lehigh Acers and even more on the way. Would love to send you our full list of inventory and connect soon! Thanks,

I love the build to rent model, for me it seems to be simple for now.  Wish I could have picked more up earlier this year.  Some people thin I'm crazy but I'm cash flowing and appreciating for now.  Having lost a ton in 08 I'm ready to hold longer term if needed.

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Building costs are at their highest right now in years so why would you build expensive to rent well when you can buy existing and reno to suit and rent for the same amount? Also, everyone is building in TX and FL and there are SO many established developers there that you are trying to build in a market that is surging with existing development and not in need (although it would still fill) of your product. Also, where are the lots you think you can get? Because so many developers are in the area, any good lot will be gone and if it's not, it's being left there for a newer builder.

Like you said it will fill, so I say the product is needed.  Also if you find lots not in developments you can build cheaper than buying and new build from a large developer, reno could be a better play.  My last deal was early this year and now things are a little crazier, I'm shifting to by a new primary and rent my old.