I'm an investor...should I become a realtor?

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What are your thoughts on becoming a real estate agent, as an investor? Does anybody know what the downside of this would be? I've read some things about full disclosure, but what does that mean?

It seems there are only good things, you have access to sales data, you learn a lot through the courses, and if you can hook up with a broker you can even capture commissions on certain deals such as working wtih REOs, etc.

Someone suggested having my wife become the realtor instead of me, since I will be the primary investor. What do you all think?

I'm not sure of all the restrictions, but I know I've read about a few. I think the idea of having your wife become the realtor and you being the investor makes sense. You'll get the benefits of having the license in the family, but you the investor, wouldn't be burdened by the limitations.