How to Buy Florida Land for under $1,000.00

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Can you buy florida land for under $1,000.00??

Sure you can. The first thing you have to do is find out who is facing a tax deed sale.

(I will use Charlotte County, FL) You can find out who is delinquent by going to the tax collectors website.


Go to the download section and search the tax deeds.

If a property owner is on this list, they have already had 2yrs to pay their property taxes.

I try to contact them when they are about 30 days away from the sale.

I then send them a postcard that says We Buy Unwanted Land with my information on it.

Once they call (and they do) I listen to their story (they always have a story) to determine which way to approach them.

They normally blame the county or taxes or whatever.

I then ask them do they know how much is owed (I already know) at that time I ask if they are just going to let the property go, will they give it to me?

( I have never had someone give me a property yet) After they tell me know I offer to give them something for their time to quitclaim the property to me. I find the most people don't even live in Florida) I'll offer them $100.00 just to to sign it over.

I'll offer to send a mobile notary to close the deal. I've had people tell me that 100 bucks was insane, but I have had return calls and ended up buying properties for 600.00 because the guy needed to get his car fixed.

I then faxed him a quitclaim deed and had a notary sign it and take it to the town clerks office for me for $60.00.

I immediately took the property which was located between two houses and asked both neighbors if they wanted to expand on their land.

I sold this property for $6500.00. A profit of $5900.00

I have proof of these transactions on youtube. I used a title company to close the deal with a quitclaim because the neighbor didn't care about it being a tax deed property.

You would normally need to get a quiet title done,(which is a big headache)

The title company handled the deal and took a small fee before sending my check fedex.

So you can buy properties for less than $1,000.00 if you know what you are doing.

I hope this helps someone. if you have any questions, I welcome your posts.

My only thought is - if someone stops paying the property taxes for their FL land, in most cases it's because they finally came to realize that the piece of swamp they were hoping to retire on, is worthless. Now someone else will keep their hopes high and get the tract in the middle of nowhere for pennies at the tax auction, hold onto it for a number of years, pay property taxes and finally let it slip (at a loss) to a tax auction.

".....if someone stops paying the property taxes for their FL land, in most cases it's because they finally came to realize that the piece of swamp they were hoping to retire on, is worthless.

George, did you go to CL's link to look at the properties that are up for tax deed sale? How about other counties? Why would you say that in "most cases" the properties are worthless if you haven't done the research?

Congratulations on the transaction!

Depending on the county and years of delinquency, sometimes there are a few more hundred dollars owed. But yes, it is possible to get land / even houses under $1000.

His example is for Charlotte county, Fl. I own several properties in that area. You can definitely buy lots for under $1000 there, but usually there is 3 years delinquent taxes attached to them. Averaging about $1800 in back taxes plus what you can pay for them, let's say $500? So total of about $2300, the going rate for a similar lot on the mls is about $3000.

I know a few counties in SE FL where the going rate is $8k - 30k depending on location.

Nice Job man!!
Heck in this market, you can get houses and land for 1k all over the freakin place!!LOL!

When you find a property that you are interested in, Do you pay cash ? and what is the lowest anyone has ever bought it for ? they have them listed as consideration price of $10.00 on some .Does that mean you can get them for $10.00 :help:

Mr. Jones, thanks for letting in on the party...

Here is some more information:

According to Florida Statute 197.422, tax
deed property may be redeemed anytime prior to the
recording of the tax deed if all back taxes and fees
are paid to the Tax Collector.

Here is the direct list of properties in Excel format:


When looking for these deals what are the key words one should be search the tax collector site to find these deals. Are you mailing to people who's tax liens were already sold or those who are nearing sales.

Mr. Jones.

Is this the same as what Rick Dawson (Deedgrabber) does?


Looks like this topic just dried up and died? I read the entire post because I did a search on Deed Grabber. Then "Deed Grabber" is in the very last post and no-one answers. Grrrrrr!!!

Can anyone tell me what DG is selling and what's his angle? I've bought four houses over the years thru tax deed auctions. I bought one of them from the owner before the auction and got it for a great price but it was not just a few hundred as DG advertises.

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