Approach RE agencies while getting license? Or after it's done

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Hi folks,

I'm in the process of studying for my RE salesperson license in CA, a state which has a mandatory minimum time for training before taking the exam. So I have 2-3 months until I can get my license.

Do you recommend that I approach RE agencies now and get things rolling? Or do I need to wait until I'm actually licensed before reaching out to these places?

I'm in Los Angeles, so I have a packed market and lots and lots of options for agencies. I'm leaning towards approaching the larger ones for training purposes...


Go to open houses and talk with agents. But yes, you can also talk with the people in charge of recruitment.

Thanks for the advice, @Account Closed ! I didn't consider talking to the agent themselves. I guess I figured they would view me as potential competition.

I'm sure in every company you'll find cutthroat, selfish people who view everyone as competitors, but that hasn't been my experience here. Agents have been very helpful.

The biggest advantage of meeting agents before you actually sign up with a brokerage is that you will already have some potential mentors, or possibly even join their team.

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