Maryland Real-Estate License Exam Study Materials

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Hi All,
I'm looking to get my real-estate license in Maryland and am looking for a good home study course as I work odd hours full time and don't think a class or online course is best for me.

Anyone know of any good at-home courses or books to get my MD realtor license? Thanks.

I just got my Maryland license about two months ago and as far as I'm aware you cant take at home courses- The license requires 60 hrs course work - there would be no way to document that you spent 60 hrs with an at home course.

Online courses are probably your best bet- Its just you and the computer and you just spend an hour or two until you get it completed. I think I did my online in about 2 or 3 weeks once I actually got serious about getting my license.

Thanks, Ophelia.

Where did you do it online? Can you recommend a website? Thanks.


I am taking the course through long and Foster's online platform. There are several others. You can google for Maryland online prelicensing course. The course forces you spend the required amount of time per module. For me it is 1hr 47mins per module for 33 modules. Plus you must pass then practice tests and take a proctored exam before taking the state exam.

When I got licensed last year I took the course with Long and Foster (online)  and it was super easy,  cheap and convenient.   Then like Tyrus said you will need to take the proctored exam through a Long and Foster office and then sit for the state exam.   Interestingly enough I found the Long and Foster exam much harder than  the state exam. Once you pass,  you can hang your license with any broker. 

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