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Any investor friendly Pensacola agents or wholesalers on here? I am in the middle of closing my second property there and I am 0.5 for 2 on the realtors I have worked with so far. I am working on my FL real estate license now because of this (and a few other added benefits). Will continue to invest in the area but getting frustrated with the quality of buisness people so far.

Afternoon William.  My wife and I are starting to wholesale in Pensacola and would like to discuss your criteria.  Give me a call or send me a msg. Looking forward to hearing from you. 


Jay H.


Sorry to hear about your first impressions of our market down here. I sent you two wholesalers via email. I'd like to hear some details of your woes offline if you're willing to share. 


Someone told me there are a lot of wholesale deals in Florida.

Joe Gore

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Sorry, I forgot that this supposed to go to Marketplace

I can buy properties off the MLS too, at the time I was looking for someone who was really wholesaling (i.e. marketing to find real, off market deals) but now I am just finding my own properties. Good luck on selling it @Account Closed

Thank You. We buy, sell and repair all across the U.S. I just got an email not to post on the marketplace. We are also looking to do a commercial deal in 2016

hello im looking to connect with wholesellers in the Pensacola area. I am new here if anyone can direct me will be awesome. tha

Nothing like the last two posters being out of the area "wholesalers" who are trying to sell "off market" properties which were foreclosures they found on the MLS and are just marking up. This is what gives wholesalers a bad name, try adding value to the transaction by actually finding off market properties.

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