Any brokers from DC?

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Hi All,

I am a newbie investor. I got my RE license in New York but I am looking into doing some investments in Washington DC. Do you know how can I get access to the DC MLS (I believe it is called MRIS). Do I have to be licensed in DC as well? Is there a fast track if I am licensed in a different state?

I would still be using a local DC broker to buy and sell properties.I just want access to MRIS in order to search for investments.

Hope someone can help,



Tal - You would not have to take your national exam again but you would need to take the state exam in the state you would want to become licensed in. The certification classes I don't believe you need to take to qualify to take the test but they would obviously help. If you are looking to access the MLS for deals your best bet to avoid costs of being a Realtor would be to find more than one broker to help find what you are looking for. However the MLS is retail so don't be surprised if they don't find what you are looking for. It depends on you business plan for the properties you wish to acquire.

Welcome Tal, If you are looking for an investor friendly lic/ins DC contractor PM me.

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