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My wife will be going to get her real estate license so that we can get access to the MLS. I've read that there are several steps to make this happen including getting a sponsoring broker for licensing and joining NAR to get MLS access, etc.

Can someone please explain in simplified terms all the steps and costs associated with getting access to the MLS?


Nice name by the way. You don't need a sponsor to get your license, you will just need someone (a broker) to "park" your license once you have passed the test. That person and you will agree to a split of some kind, 80/20, 90/10, a set fee per transaction, etc, in exchange for parking your license and paying any of the E&O (errors and omissions) insurance. Basically their protection and yours if someone sues you for something while representing them/listing their property, etc.

Once someone parks your license you can join your local realtor organization (google "your county" realtor association) and you will see how to join. By joining the realtor association you get access to MLS. Here in Florida the cost for MLS access/membership is approximately $800-1000 a year. Sounds pretty expensive, but if you plan to be active enough that cost is worth it.

Hope that helps. 

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