Real Estate "Escort" Service......Is This Guy Nuts Or?

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Perusing the CL Real Estate Services ads this morning I came across an ad for "REAL ESTATE ESCORT" services. What the heck is a real estate escort? I opened the ad to find two of a man with an AR15 and the other or a pistol with ammo. I know we all want to make a living and carve out a niche but this seem a little over the top. Here is the link :

Maybe I have it wrong and his idea will take off due to recent healines. Personally, guns don't bother me but I certainly don't expect to see them open carried during a showing.

I thought that Florida was one of the States that it was easy to "Carry", from my experience most concerned types, do carry protection, legally. 

Florida is a concealed carry state. This guys ad just caught me off guard. I certainly didn't expect to see pictures of some guy with an AR15...of course...I wasn't exactly sure what they were advertising (particularly on CL:)

After the recent murder of a real estate agent, this guy may be on to something... 

I could see this especially if you work in some Class D neighborhoods.  Personally I prefer descreet CHL carry myself.

I'd bet the clients would be more concerned about their safety with him around than the agent would be without him being around. People like that seem to jump at the first chance to show that they have a gun that they're not afraid to use.

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