How to prepare.

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Hi everyone!

I'm beginning school sometime soon(the first of the year) for obtaining my real estate license here in Colorado. While I wait as I save money, I'd like to know what would be good topics to study and become familiar with, and how I can prepare in general while I have this  free time. 

Thanks for your help everyone! 

Matt,  My advice to new investors is pick a county that you are interested in investing, get to know the County Assessors web site and how it works.  A huge amount of information can be gleaned from this web site and other related government web sites.  Then start identifying investors who do what you want to do, and basically backwardly stalk them. Build study case files of success and failure.

Check out what they bought, for how much, how long they had the property, how much the sold it for, the neighborhood, etc, etc, etc.   I've been investing in real estate for over 30 years and to this day I record stalk people to see what is successful and what isn't.  There is alot to be learned from these records and emulating, using successful peoples methods and ideas.  My tip of the day.....YMMV.

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