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Question to licensed realtors-

I recently completed my 60 hours of required course work for my RE License. The next step is to schedule my final written exam for the University (Temple).

Will the University's Final Exam be similar to the questions asked at the end of the units? 

Any advice, suggested methods of study, or general input is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Robert, yes, the questions will be similar as the end of unit questions.  

My BEST advice is get the test scheduled as soon as possible so you don't forget what you memorized.  If you are lucky, you got through the classes really quickly, that will help. 

Go over all of your end unit tests and give it your full attention.  Even though people kind of laugh at how easy it is to get your license, it is not without a certain amount of effort.  Cram, because it is all about memorization. 

The biggest test will be what you do once you get your license.  =)  I used them several times and thought they were effective as well as being reasonable cost-wise

the online course provider that I used had a one day live test prep class, then I purchased 1000 test questions from the school for $10, it was a big help.

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