Houston Broker: Champions vs Realty Associates?

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Can anyone compare and contrast Champions Real Estate Group and Realty Associates?

Look similar in concept.  Yearly fee and a per transaction fee rather than commission split.  Champions local office is more convenient for me but that's not super important, all things being equal it might tip the scale.

I just satisfied requirements for Texas RE license and will use it to facilitate my investing as well as traditional agent work. 


if you do not need the traning and the support from them and just need to have a broker to sponser you I recommand looking into:


I know of the two brokerages and they are both run by good people. I am also a Broker in Texas but I do something a little different. If you would like to brand your own business I can help you have your own brokerage without having to be a broker your self (your corporation will be your sponsor) I just charge a flat monthly fee and no commission split or transaction fees. Of course for that price I cannot provide much on the ground training but if your mainly interested in investing I may can help you. www.YourLLCbroker.com and www.YourBroker.info

I joined with Champions about a year ago. I started as an investor and did 7 transactions on my own before getting licensed. As stated above if you can handle all of your own deals, market, and learn the transaction management software then its great. I have not reached out for any support from them so I cant comment but other than that its great. The commission savings on 3 of my own transactions so far is the 5 digit range. As long as you do what is required for the transaction the commission checks get deposited at closing. They have a print shop in house for cards, signs, etc with fast turnarounds and priced the same or better than online.

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