Agent v. Investor in Arizona

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We are considering having my wife get her RE license for the obvious benefits. 

With me not having a license, does that create problems with mailers and other lead generation? 

Making offers? 


Can she just present herself as a buyer's agent, for me?

We absolutely do not want to do anything unethical or illegal; just trying to understand if her license would be an asset or would it be a liability to our rehab/sell - rehab/keep business plan.

Hi @Kelley B. .  It tends to work well for one partner or spouse to have a license, and one not.  There are many examples of members of BP that have that arrangement. The key is full disclosure to all parties if your wife gets involved in marketing or submitting offers, etc.  I would think it would be an asset - as you have more options for buying/selling available to you.   Investing as a couple is fun (at least for my husband and I), I wish you the best.  

@Kelley B.  I am single, but I am planning on getting an agent license soon. I feel it would bring some real benefits to my own real estate goals, and maybe I can fit in on someones team that may need a Realtor in the future. What school do you plan on going to? I am searching google for groupons as I type this to make the cost less haha

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