To be Liicense or not to be License?

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As an Investor is smart to obtain a Real Estate License?

the short answer would be yes ;) I have many posts on subject. I got my license 2 yrs ago ;)

Originally posted by @Robert Wright :

As an Investor is smart to obtain a Real Estate License?

Thanks for that question!  You know, there must be a bug in the air!  One of the people who follow my blog and podcast asked a very similar question today!  I wrote a blog post about it called "Does Getting A Real Estate License Help Or Hurt You?"

In short my opinion is "it depends".  

It depends on what you want to do with your license.  If you want to practice residential real estate as well as wholesale, or invest; then that is certainly "do-able".  

If you want to simply get it for access to MLS and hang it up at a discount brokerage; then I think you are wasting a very valuable (not to mention expensive) resource.

I look at the real estate license as this...

A Real Estate license is a "Winning Lottery Ticket" just waiting to be cashed in!

So I guess it depends on your perspective.  There are pros as well as cons.  So it just depends. 

Hope that helps!  

Have a Powerful Sales Day! 

i agree 100% with @Karl Krentzel  

Its not a waste of ur time, but license does not an investor make. Its a tool. 

If u only need it for MLS access and u don't buy on mls... Then you need to rethink.

And the company you hang your license is paramount to how you run your investor business.

Thanks, Also having access to the MLS is a plus for investing?

Originally posted by @Robert Wright :

Thanks, Also having access to the MLS is a plus for investing?

 Yes. Absolutely.

You get the most up to date information available. You do not have to work around another persons schedule. You can shot gun offers all around town.

James Wise, Real Estate Agent in OH (#2015001161)

I agree with James Wise! DEF get your licence. I have just had an experience where the STUPID agent refused to put in the actual paid commission into the MLS, as I was just paying for the Listing ( Yes that was $400! just to list in MLS not to add a commission to that listing page) and NO AGENT saw a commission in the comm section!! I am sure that is the reason why it took 3 weeks to get the house under contract.

( Upside: 2 people saw the property and both put in contracts - highest sale price in the area and sold) BUT STILL - Get your licence and be in control.

Thanks thats great advice. You guys been helpful 

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