Getting a License Is Not So Easy!

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I am currently trying to get my license in Ga and I was a 9 points away from passing my school exam, so I am currently in the process of studying to take it again. This time around I am going to work with a tutor and I am just curious to know did anyone else out there have to retake any parts of two exams (School and State) before getting their license? And what were some tips and tricks that you believed helped you successfully pass? Thanks in advance!

@Brooke Robinson

  Its common to fail first time... don't sweat it... just bone up and you will pass next time

what I tell anyone who will listen to me.. Is save math questions for the very last.. don't do them as they come up.. Math is usually tough for many.. do all the rest of the test .. then work on the math questions.. Me personally unless its meets and bounds which I know well.. I never even bothered ready the math questions and just answered C..

I had the rest down pat and passed No problem.. NOt that I could not have worked the math problems out.. its just I knew I had already passed

@Jay Hinrichs

 Thank you for that advice! I definitely tried to answer the math questions as soon as they popped up, just in case I forgot the formulas for them. But this time around I will do as you suggested and save them for last. I may even consider marking them C also! 

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I took the course online, so it had a proctored exam after the end of the course - which I failed THREE TIMES.  THREE TIMES failing the exam before even getting the COURSE CERTIFICATE. I'm not exactly a dumbass either ;)  

So yeah, it happens.  ;)  Don't worry - the licensing course and exam doesn't mean diddly squat when it comes to actually using your license in transactions.  Experience is much better than education :)

Do lots of practice tests, time yourself, and score yourself.  When you can pass the medium difficulty practice tests, you're probably ready.  Only study the material from the questions you miss.  After a few practice tests, your knowledge gaps will have filled in pretty well.  I did this and passed the first time I took it with no problems.  But I failed the first couple practice tests really badly.  It just takes time and studying.

Sam & Heather Jones I will definitely do MORE practice exams and this time around I'm going to time myself. That's something that I didn't do. I guess I just figured the 4 hours of the allotted time was enough. Thanks again for the advice!

the califonia test had only 4 math questions,ny only 1,quizzes,quizzes,quizzes,glossary,then quizzes like @Colley Bailey

 says practise for math know what an acre is how many square ft 

You can do it!! I agree with taking more of the practice tests. I took them ALOT and then would take them again with only the questions I got wrong. I did pay for an 8 hour live course just before my exam and that helped tremendously. Best of luck to you.

@Brooke Robinson

To pass the state exam take the practice exam over and over until you are scoring 90 to 100% on the practice test.  Strive to memorize the answers to the questions.  Forget about failure as a possibility for you. You can and will pass the exam if you keep that thought in your mind.  

Getting a real estate license is  great endeavor and you'll be so glad when you receive the license. There really is nothing to be gained by discussing failure unless you want to fail.  Practice passing the test and you will pass the test. 

I am in CA and its been 5+ years so my situation is likely very different but I did two thing that helped me a lot when testing for my brokers licence. 

1- I paid for a practice test program with huge amounts of questions (enough that you rarely saw the same question in future tests). 

2 - I made physical flash cards on every topic I got incorrect.  I learned a ton making the flash cards (multiple input...reading, writing, etc, always helps me).  Then I reviewed my stack of flash cards whenever I had a few minutes.

Eventually I was scoring over 90% on all practice tests.  After 5 or 6 in a row over 90% I felt I was ready.  

The test was pretty easy for me.  I was one the first finished and I passed.

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