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I am a real estate agent willing to help investors. I have been in the business 15 years. I have not worked much with investors, but I know the ups and downs of it. I decided to open myself up to helping investors reach their goals and am starting to invest myself. Let me know how I can help and maybe we can invest together. Thanks.

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for joining the party! It's a smart move: There are plenty of local investors in this fast-growing area and few agents who understand their needs. I became so frustrated with "house show-ers" that I gave up looking for help. I'll keep you in mind when I finish up my current deal and start looking for more property.

So, you should be kept busy, especially if you can find some patience for the many newbies. A little education and tolerance now will build you a long list of frequent buyers. Of course, the best thing with newbies is to send them Bigger Pockets. :-)

Are you going to be working with commercial land along the county's Hwy 99 Southwest Urban Growth Area, south of Everett? That's about to bust wide open for very high density mixed-use development and it will require the use of SnoCo TDR credits to gain the density bonuses. These credits are my particular niche and I'm looking for both customers and investment partners to acquire more source land for credits resale. I'm also seeking to identify the most-premium development site in this area - ideally something with a great view from 7 story buildings.

I just received the official notice of the first Snohomish county council public hearing, April 15, on this rezone and reposted it in the BP FilePlace at

If any other BP folks are interested in this major new multi-family development opportunity, they should either attend the hearing (and gain some experience in political activism) or at least email their support comments to the council address that's listed within the document. If any BP folks will be attending the April 15, please let me know and we can sit together.

Again, welcome!

best regards,


PS You might want to cross-post your introduction in the New Members forum at

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