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Hi, I am preparing myself to take classes for a real estate license. I want to contact a pool of brokers to get an idea of how each one works with respect to fees and such. My problem is I cant really find a list of brokers to email. My state is Oklahoma. If anyone could help that would be great.

Tyler, I do not know of any one stop shop for finding out all the broker's info and email.  You will likely just have to google real estate companies in your area and set up meetings with the brokers.  I would start doing this while you are midway through your class.  Ask them for a commission structure sheet or breakdown.  I say that because 60/40 isn't always really 60/40, or whatever split they tell you.  Often there is a franchise fee, a transaction fee, etc..  Also you will want to know what kinds of things they take care of for you and what costs are your responsibility when it comes to maintaining your license.  Here in SC (and most everywhere else I would imagine), every broker is different and that info isn't really publicized so I had to meet with several brokers to get it.  

Good luck!

If Oklahoma is anything like California they will find you.  Soon after I passed my classes I started getting mailers from different brokers wanting me to come in and talk, same thing happened when I passed my exam.  If for some reason that doesn't happen just google them and start calling.  

Hello Tyler.  I was in your shoes not too long ago & there are many many different brokers to choose from.  If you're here in the okc metro, I'd be happy to get together for coffee sometime, tell you what I learned, which broker I picked & why. (I had another fellow realtor do the same for me, which made my decision much easier)  Let me know if I can help.  Scott A. Martin, 405-802-8877

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