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Hello BP friends!

I am currently living in North Carolina, originally from Louisiana and would like to get my Louisiana real estate license. I am planning to move back to Louisiana in a few months and would like to get my real estate license.

Does anyone how the best online program that I could study now and then take the Louisiana real estate exam when I move back in a few months?  I would like to start studying the materials now so that I can take the exam as soon as I return to Louisiana.

I have seen some approved per-licensing on the LREC website, but I am curious if anyone has taken this route and if so, what the best choice would be for me.



Thanks @Braden Smith

I am currently working full time so what class would you recommend for me? 1, 3, or 6 month.  Not sure if the 90 hours of study time still applies if you choose the online route...

I would do the 1 month. That is what I did. It counts for the 90 hours.

I also did Donaldson. I did 1 month and completed the course, but didn't schedule my exam until almost a month later. They opened the course back up to study for cheap. 

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