Benefit of becoming an agent?

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I am a pretty active residential (mostly single family) investor. I was wondering if there would be any benefit to getting a real estate license. Any thoughts on this? I should also say that I have no interest in being a full time or even part time real estate agent.

Are you using agents for each investment deal? If so, depending on how large the deal you could save a bit of money. But that also means you are now in charge of marketing the properties, showings and doing all the paperwork that a normal realtor has to do. If your time is worth more than doing paperwork, I wouldn't become an agent.

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In your situation there would be a few pros.

  • You earn a commission to buy your own properties.
  • MLS access
  • Access to houses whenever you want, no working around another persons schedule.

MLS access could be worth it alone - just to see all the info on all the properties in your area.

What exactly is "MLS access"? Aren't all the MLS properties available to the public? To get access to show properties to myself would I need to work under a broker? Ideally I would love to be able to show myself the property and submit my own contract. If I could save half the commission that would also be great. I occasionally sell properties, but honestly craigslist and postlets have worked fine. Never had anything listed very long.

MLS, access to the forms, controlling my personal transactions, access to view property and representing people that wanted help were the reasons why I got a license.


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