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I'm currently waiting to get my application processed to take my test in RE Agent test in California.  I'm becoming an Agent to benefit investing and I only plan on listing properties when the opportunity arises.  

My question is regarding direct mail.  I know ethically it's not ok to approach homes that are already listed by an Agent, i understand that and respect it.  However, I plan to do direct mail and i'm sure my mail will end up in some mail boxes of listed homes.  I'm hoping the answer to this question isn't to go through the list and mls and remove all listed properties.

Is this something I shouldn't worry about since it's unavoidable or should I put something in my mailer that states something like "if you are already listed with an agent, please disregard"?

Not somethng to worry about been doing direct mail for years

Use a disclaimer at the bottom of your ad...: If your property is currently represented by a real estate broker, this is not an attempt to solicit your listing.

Something along the lines of what Bill suggested is spot on. That will keep you out of Realtor jail.

@Michael Jobe @Billy Runyan @Rod Desinord  Thanks guys, seems like my line of thinking was good.  Rod you may be right and I could go for years without having an issue but I live in a smaller town and don't want to get a bad rep.

Nope, you got it!!!  The disclaimer is all you need.

Now, a homeowner calls you up to be removed from your list you better remove them.

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