What Qualities you should look for while choosing a realtor

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It is very important to choose the right realtor while selling or buying a home.

Right realtor can gain leads for you and a wrong one could cause loss. An

excellent real estate agent is like a conductor, guiding a group of resources

towards a final goal. So while choosing the realtor you need to look for the

following qualities:

1. Must be Area Savvy: It is very important that he has good local knowledge,

i.e. about the area he deals with. Then he/she can guide you properly.

2. Good Communicator: Communication is vital in any meeting. Service and

communication are the basic in the real estate industry. So he must be able

to put across his as well as your point of view.

3. Follow Up and Through: The Realtor must do the things he/she has promised.

The Realtor must follow up the clients about the status.

4. Tech Savvy: Now the world is becoming virtual. So it is very important that

Realtor should be familiar with the digital strategies. Because social media is

going to become the essential part for future Realtor. If he/she has the

knowledge of technology, then the chances of getting leads will increase.

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Do you wish to highlight any more qualities that are a must while selecting a Realtor?

The best realtor is the one that will make you money. 

I was driving to the golf course one day(in 2003) and seen a realtor sign at a small yellow house. I called the agent's name on the sign, Jeff. He showed it to me, and I made an offer and bought the house, and then another...... and 12 years later, the guy has made me a ton of money.

I also have dealt with other realtors who have brought me deals and made me money.

And while I am sure there are bad realtors out there, I think most will do just fine. Find someone that you like, and will bring you a deal.

And if you can look at a property, make a decision in five minutes whether you want to buy the property, and will buy it as soon as the title work clears, then all realtors will beat down your door with deals.

I'd want an agent that is a Master Negotiator.

And, I realized this a few years ago when one of our clients called us up and asked us about property on the lake that was 1.5 hours away from us.  We told them we didn't know the area, so we can refer them to an agent who does know the area.

And you know what our client said?

She said, "I can go online and find the property, I need you to NEGOTIATE the deal for me."  Bam.

The smart clients won't care if you know how to post to twitter or know the area, they want someone who's going to get them the best deal... re:  Master Negotiator.

And, the same goes with listings.

Thanks @Arlan Potter, @Nick Britton, @David Hunter, @Richard Smith for your comments. @David Hunter I too agree that the Realtor has to be master negotiator for being successful realtor and this point is valid too.